Making of Moxi

Building concepts and creating new companies is what we do.

Perspective by:
Research Squad
Moxi Ventures

Naturally, we applied our methodology to create our own visual identity. This includes utilizing multi-disciplinary teams, rapid learning and killer creativity to architect something that is more than a business. You will agree, Moxi is more of a mission and a movement. Moxi has character, feelings, traits and beliefs.


Alongside Loft Visual, part of the Moxi Collective, an identify was designed and developed that brings forward the vision. Crafted by Hans-Olav Forsang and Simen Gryotoyr, two of the leading designers in the hotbed of Scandinavian creativity, the visual identity of Moxi is based on some core guidelines:

The logo: simple but also dynamic, the logo includes a standalone image, typography logo and a full name, Moxi Ventures. Every aspect has meaning and is meaningful.

The photography: original, funky images from badass photoshoots because stock is so 2000. Images are abstract, colorful and showcase feelings of movement and progress.

The colors: modern shades that allow for the right amount of expressiveness for the situation. The combinations can be traditional or contemporary.

The typography: gender neutral typeface called GT Pressura from the Swiss based type foundry Grilli Type allows for optimal readability but also the opportunity to speak in different tones and style.

The visual identify is us. We think it is probably you, too. It represents the courage, determination, and know-how that is within many of the leading entrepreneurs, artisans, and difference-makers. 


Coloring Tomorrow,